to raw - quinoa passion

quinoa passion from 30 raw breakfasts

in a savory version or in a sweet version.. either way.. love it!!
This is a gluten free seed, famous for being a complete protein and when sprouted packed with energy.
its also a great source o fiber, so it helps to de-bloat and regulates your blood sugar level... so no sugar rushes and crashes!! yey!

Quinoa Passion
recipe from the 30 raw breakfasts- application - download here
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recipe type: to breakfast, to raw, glutenfree, lactosefree,sugarfree

what you need:
45 grams of uncooked quinoa
1 large banana
2 passion fruits
1tsp fresh lemon juice
2tsp black sesame seeds (10gr)

what to do:

1. Soak quinoa in 2 cups of water overnight. Upon rising, discard the soaking water and rince the quinoa thoroughly
2. blend banana, the seeds, one passion fruit and lemon juice until smooth. Add banana blend and sprouted quinoa to a bowl.
3. Top with black sesame seeds, the seeds of the other passion fruit.
And you are ready for a supercharged day!!