to make - El Rey's ceviche

El Rey's ceviche - lppcookbook-elrey-ceviche-nyc

This dish is inspired by cool spot El Rey in NYC
If I cant go to NYC, NYC comes to me!

Coconut Pepitas Ceviche
recipe inspired by; El Rey nyc
recipe type: to lunch, to dinner, to raw
cuisine: light, dairyfree

What you need;
some type of harder white fish: think seabass
coconut milk or coconut yogurt
juice of limes
toasted pepitas or pumpkin seeds
olive oil
sea salt

extra: plaintains or sweet potato. Create chips by grilling them in the oven!

What to do:
To make ceviche, get some white fish like seabass, chop it up in cubes.
Marinate it with olive oil, lime juice, chilli flakes, you could add a touch of honey.
Pour some coconutmilk in a bowl, add cilantro, toasted almonds and pepitas aka pumpkin seeds, avocado, and some more chilli!
Use oven roasted plantains or toasted sweet potato slices as a spoon!!