to hang out - Klein.Agency

As soon as I saw this place I knew I was going to love everything about it!
The interior, the menu looked insane and what described as california-inspired, the vibe, the fonts used, the reviews…
I just had to go!!

Klein. is an agency, a creative space, a tiny shop ( they sell hot sauce people!!)  and brunch room started by a cool californian Jon and his wife Masa.
They have been all over the place before falling in love with this space. Allowing them to design cool objects ( have you seen that lamp!!) and develop furniture by laser cutting.
Meanwhile gathering all there food discoveries from various travels into weekly brunches ( little tip sake combines very well with a buratta and pear toast ;-))  and a creative menu is served weekly at their Dinner club.

The only thing I don't love about Klein, is that they only open on weekends.
I am sure they did that on purpose, so I would be craving there food all week long!!
Well, you know where to find me next weekend, and all the following weekends...

Braziliestaat 23
2000 Antwerp