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to hang out - atelier september

to hang out - atelier september

Would have insta-bommed you with pictures of this place, if my phone would't have died from water damage!!
Luckily I found great pictures online to show you this place!!
Amazing interior!!!
Just simply gorgeous! Wonderful food! Very cosy, and friendly staff!
We munched on a gorgeous smooth avocado sandwich... so buttery!! Some toast with  zucchini jam! Yes, zucchini jam! ( I asked how they make it... zucchini + sugar + ginger, and let is rest... that easy) Some matcha thee ( thats everywhere in copenhagen right now!) Eggs with tomatoes, some more rye and sourdough bread,  'cause really when do had enough of bread?!
Would have spend a whole day ther, just tyring out their menu honestly! 
Must. go.back!
For breakfast, coffee, lunch dinner and a little something something for at 16 'oclock!! ;-)

To eat and hang out:
Atelier September
Gothersgade 30, 1123 København K, Denmark
+45 33 11 42 36


happy reading xo
interior - the apartment.dk

interior - the apartment.dk

to smoothie - banana strawberry and peanut butter milkshake

to smoothie - banana strawberry and peanut butter milkshake