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to bake  - pukkolla from Local in NYC

to bake - pukkolla from Local in NYC

The best thing in Sullivan Street, in New York is Local!
I soon as I landed one of the first things on my to do- list was,.. (after a stop at Magnolia, but that is just to obvious to mention)
... going to Local, getting my hands on their Zucchini bread (which I have tried to replicate, without any succes! Oooh my poor colleges who had to suffer trough eating a slice.)
And devouring all their breakfast options!
From bagels with cream cheese and jelly or peanutbutter,to eggs, to yogurt with fruit,...
 to my all time favorite Pukkola!
Don't think about it, just make it!
Oats with almonds, milk, dried abricots and strawberries never tastes this good!!
This is my motivation to go to bed early!

Wanna give it a try??

Here's the Pukkola Cookbook!

TO MAKE: Pukkolla

144 Sullivan Street  
btw W Houston and Prince Street


recipe from: Local in New York
recipe type: to breakfast
recipe: lactose free when using nut milk


What you'l need:
8 large handfuls of organic rolled oats
2 large handfuls of ground bran
1 handful of chopped dried apricots  / 1 handful of chopped dried dates
1 handful of crumbled walnuts / 1 handfull of dries cranberries
1 handful of  almonds, hazelnuts or brazil nuts
nutmilk - enough to cover the oats.

Add your oats and bran to your plastic container with the apricots and 
Add the walnuts and other nuts.  
This will keep for a good couple months very happily in your airtight container.

What to do:
pour the milk to cover ( almond, rice , coconut, oat milk)
1/2 crunchy apple per person, washed and unpeeled
Try to make this the night or day before.  
Place double the amount of composed pukkolla cereal needed into a bowl.
Cover with milk, grate in around 1/2 an apple per person and stir immediately to keep apple from discolouring.  
Place in the fridge.
When tucking in and eat the pukkola:
add 1/2 banana per person, peeled and sliced or mashed honey to taste
Remove the bowl from fridge. 
You will find that it has softened and thickened, so loosed with a little milk.
Add your banana. Add honey to taste.  
Serve with a dollop of yogurt and some fresh mixed berries.

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