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I can’t believe I am seeing this!! This is real! 

When being contacted by the HBFit team, a platform that I call home created by the inspirational and ultimate #goals girl Hannah Bronfman, to write a ‘What I Eat in a Day’-piece, I was floored!!! What? How? Wow? What? Could not wrap my head around the fact that they asked me! Flattered beyond words!
They are such an inspiration to me, they are my go-to website that feature and out a spotlight on a girlpack of huge huge incredible kick-ass women! So honored to be featured amongst them.It blows my mind! Only love and gratitude!

Go check out the article and the HBFit website, instagram , and founder Hannah Bronfman.

For wordt behind these pictures,
check out the article!
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ps : i'll put up some of the recipes here! x Kisss