to breakfast - pink beetroot and cacao overnight oats

Beetroot and Orange Juice Soaed Overnight Oats with Coconut, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds and Chocolate Cacao Nibs
inspired by Casa Bonay and Satan's Coffee Corner in Barcelona
recipe type: to breakfast
cuisine: glutenfree, plantbased, vegan, dairyfree

this is a bit of 'no recipe cooking' or a 'no recipe cooking'
what you need:
oats - glutenfree - buckwheat flakes, quinoa flakes,..
red beets, pieces and the juice
coconut yogurt
juice of 1 orange
flax seeds
optional: toasted pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs, cacao powder, pecans, chuncks of red beet

what to do:
Pink batch: soak your oats -quinoa, rice flakes, rolled oats ,...- in beetroot juice, or you could use the juice that is left in the package of your cooked beets and a squeeze of orange juice and tbsp of flax seeds.
The other batch is oats mixed with coconut yogurt.  
Place the mixture in the fridge or let them soak up the liquid on the counter a few minutes.
In the morning or when ready to eat; top your overnight oats with toasted pumpkin seeds - cause them make everything just better! - chuncks of cooked or slow roasted red beets and chocolate cacao nibs, because chocolate is a perfect match with beets!!!


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