gotta love - kelly slater


This guy, seriously!
We would be best buddies on a flight! Thats for sure.  
( If there is one thing I have learned from his instagram is that this guy can pack! An inflight meal that is!! )
Or we would be best food buddies, point.
Love how Kelly Slater is into healthy food, the nutritional values, fueling your body with the right nutrients and with all these benefits he is thriving on his surfboard!!

A lot of my friends surf, and don't give to much taught about what they put into their bodies before and after a surf session. (Most of the time it's a burger and a sandwich with maybe some type of cold-cut meat or nutella while sitting on the car at a supermarket parking lot - surf trip memories!)

I hope that Kelly, I mean its Kelly, 10.000 times world champion, best surfer ever, and lets not talk about his eyes… Will have some serious impact on how surfers, the burger eating ones, or even athletes look at food.
And hopefully get some of them into chia pudding, homemade nut milks or just mexican!


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