to watch - A Chef's Table / Mind Of A Chef / Cooked

These Netflix show are just the best!!!

Watching A Chef's Table, I have developed the biggest crush on chef Alex Atala from the restaurant D.O.M! He seems just awesome! Looks cool! Love his food philosofie and the dishes look drooling!

Have been binge watching all the episodes of 'In The Mind Of A Chef' on Netflix
The only thing I can think of right now is, 
1. I must eat ramen
2. they just put meat / chicken / pork in everything
3. david chang is awesome
4. creative cooking
5. slurping is OK!
6. god how I love Anthony Bourdin's voice!  and just about anything about him!

Cooked is a documentary created by foodwriter Michael Pollan about the basics of cooking.
Fire, water, air and earth.
Highly recommended!!