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There is something so personal about jewelry....
It's always with mixed feeling that I give away the name of the designer of my favorite pieces.
It is my precious secret, my style, my aesthetics...
My friends have these gorgeous things, I rarely try them on,  it's they signature style.
What looks amazing on them, they way the carry it, the way they add their vibe to it..., doesn't necessarily corresponds to me...
But sometimes you just have to share where you got that 'one special thing' especially when the designer creates one gorgeous piece after the other!

But don't worry, no piece is the same!
Designer Karolin Van Loon creates one of a kind pieces! She only works with precious stones, and every stone is a surprise, has a different hue, a different shape.. they are all handcrafted and unique! Just like us, no one is the same!

to shop: Karoline