to book - micro-factories : move aside, mr. ford by Klein Agency

They might haved moved to L.A but they are still leaving their mark in Belgium!
Jon and Masa Kleinhample from Klein Agency just released, what I am pretty sure will not stay, their first book.
It comes to no surprise, being a small creative 'micro-factory' agency themselves -their company name, Klein, is kind of a giveaway.  -   that they documented other small micro-factories.
Having roots in L.A, influenced by travels and inspiration in Belgium, you'll find an amazing mash up of cool creatives and entrepreneurs from all over.

have a sneak peak inside the micro-factories of...
Chad Robertson, Sourdough Baker, SF
Stephen Kenn, Furniture Maker, LA
Alma, Restauranteurs, LA
Wouter Strietman, Espresso Maker, Eindhoven, 
Rizon Parein, Graphic Designer, Antwerp, 
Mast Brothers, Chocolate Makers, NY
Piety Surfboard, Surfboard Shaper, Costa Mesa
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pics by Jon and Masa Kleinhample