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Breakfast's Best

If i am not having my a huge breakfast smoothie  - a recipe will follow-
, i'll most likely fill up on oatmeal or granola
Especially on weekends!

For me, there just something about weekends and a huge granola bowl.

I was always super intrigued by this Amaranth Crunchy -thing
especially because Amaranth is this protein energy powerhouse!
quinoa on speed...
Finally I gave in... don't understand why I saw this as 'caving into a craving' cause it is filled with everything that's good for you and not your typical - loaded with sugar -  cereal.

And now I understand why I never dared buying it!!
Its soooo delicious that it's soo dangerous!!!

At least it's a healthy craving, right?!
( Thats what I am telling myself as i am finishing the package...)

Other must go-to  granola's:
Pain Quotidien even has Rawnola!

Ready set poach!

La Linda