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Goeiemorgen bakkertje bak...

Another day, another daily bread, another bakery...

I mean, when you see this shop window who doesn't want to come in and check out what they have behind the counter?!

And to my great surprise, they have gluten free bread on wednesday and saturday!!
( looking at you Deloin!)

They get their bread from Dockx Cereal Center, so that means bread packed with nutritious seeds and nuts! You can even score a fig bread, or one filled with olives!!
And they all have funky names like Rogge Verdomme ( damn rye),  Glutenuitke ( lets go for a gluten free walk, not sure how to translate it) , Weerstandje ( Resistance ), Verstandje ( Brainiac), Tegengif ( anti poison),....

Go and try them!!!
And they are open super early, perfect to get a 'in a hurry to catch my train'- breakfast!

To check out:
Bakkerij Goeiemorgen
Statiestraat 169
Berchem, Antwerp

ps: save the map on your smartphone in case you go on a bakery stroll

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