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Coveteur Picks

Some of my favorite The Coveteur pics!

Note to self:
Get Repossi Jewelry
Get a ping pong table -  think long term investment - will use it more than my gym membership
Get ear pierced like the Courtin Clarins' girls
Invest in a Ben Watts picture
Make my Comme des Garcon for Jcrew Tshirt look like the one in the pics
Get the whole black fur - blue pants outfit
Gear up for surfing
Buy pillows in the Koosterstraat in Antwep
Buy a new sofa to put the new pillows 
Start that piggy bank with Chloe and Ruth to save up for a new bag!
Damn right we love 1984 and dashhunds!

Aaaaah Spring Cleaning and spring to-do lists!

Shoe investement

Goeiemorgen bakkertje bak...