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Tartes Françoises cheesecake love affair!

Tonight, I will be eating these!!!

My speculoos addiction?
I can all blame it on Les Tartes de Françoises!

Never had a thing for speculoos!
When I got it with my coffee I always was very disapointed to say the least.  
- Isn't the reason you order coffee , the cookie?-

Untill the day I ate their Cheesecake!
What was that!! What just happened? Damn!
It was all that speculoos base goodness!!

After that, all hell broke loose!
Got into speculoos overdrive! The paste, the ice cream, chocolate with bits of speculoos, even now the new alpro soya speculoos flavour!!

But the Tartes Françoises cheescake will always have a special place in my heart, and stomach!
Know all the places in Antwerp where they have the cheesecake! ( Exki ,Homey bar, Deckx, the Oona offices..., even NYC has one!!)
There isn't one cheesecake that will get away!

But now there is only one adress to remember:
'cause they are coming to my town!!

Ieperstraat 20-22
2018 Antwerp

Open on sundaaaay!!!!
( dangerous!)

Online Cheesecake Shopping!!!!
That's what I call; ' du leche virtrines'!!!
( window licking - safari licking for the Mac'ers)

Starting that xmas-list!!

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