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Paris City Guide

For those of you who are heading to Paris over Xmas,

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I have something for youuuuuuu!!!

( Pretend it's laying under your Xmas tree!)

But only if you bring me back :some carrot cake from Rose Bakery, a sandwich from Bob's Kitchen and something sweet from Merce and the Muse....

and while I am at it...

one of those Neon lights from


 at Merci

Which I am sure you will!

People always ask me for tips in paris, this is what I give them, 

and i think it's time our dear readers have it to!

So save it, upload it on your smart phone, print it, take it everywhere with you!

Got some great tips? Have some thoughts?

Let us know!

We'l make un update or a les petites pestes readers special!


Tartes Françoises cheesecake love affair!