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Thought I knew everything about my apple....
Guess I don't

Did you know you can't take printscreens while watching a movie!?
Wanna know how I discovered that?

Rented 'Beginners' a fabulous movie, with Ewan Mc Gregor, Melanie Laurent, Christopher Plummer and a Jack Russel, directed by Mike Mills
But to me, those weren't the stars of the movie,
it were the houses, the interiors, the esthetics!

Just Gorgeous!!
( ade me think of Sofia Copolla's Somewhere)

So of course i started to take print-screens of every detail of the house, every room,every little pot, pan, chair, you name it I print-screened it!
( too computer nerd for you?)

Was overexited to share it with you!!
( steeeph!! house ideas!!) 
until I saw that they are all empty!!

Soooo did the next best thing...
googled it!

Luckely I did! Now I know why I loved that house, those windows, that kitchen, the kitchen handles so much... It's the Lovell House designed by Richard Neutra ( loooooooved that house before, and now even more, actually everything Neutra does)
But Mike Mills captured it in such a way that it isn't obvious at all! 
( so it's not my fault I didn't  recongnize the architecture classic... pfieuwww)

And then there was Oliver's house ( Ewans)
so well decorated!
With stacks of National Geographic magazines, Union Jack flags used as curtains, and some thonet chairs, all white, great rugs, great bedding,....
You catch my drift?

You know what....


quote of the day...

Head over ears...