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Head over ears...

Have I fallen for these...

Maybe you've already noticed it or not…. Eitherway you won’t get a chance any longer!

Have this little very persistant ear that just keeps on sticking out a little bit more than the other!
( there it is, now you know, secret's out!)

So during the cold winter times, I need to take extra care of this special needs-ear!

Have I found the most perfect and gorgeous solution to cover-up and keep that little fu*@-er warm! 
The least I can say is that he is good for one thing...

So for all you out there, with or without a lop ear....

And and and I have to give a big shout out to those LN- Beanies mittens!!!
Will have to update my outdated pink ones 
( Have em since highschool, just can't seem to loose them, maybe it's got something to do with that rope that goes through your jacket, even have mastered a special move to take them of and put them on! loooooove that rope system!!)

Semi dumbo ears everywhere

TO SHOP: LN Beanies

I love Timberland love Magnolia love gingerlove