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Cookbook - Lamingtons

Cookies Cookbook Collection is getting bigger!!!

Don't know what Lamingtons are, but they look pretty good  to me!!

Here is what wikipedia has to say:

"Lamingtons are a sponge cake (or, more traditionally, butter cake) in the shape of a cuboid, coated in a layer of traditionally chocolate icing then desiccated coconut. They are sometimes served as two halves with a layer of cream and/or strawberry jam between, and are commonly found in Australasian outlets such as cafes, lunch bars, bakeries, and supermarkets.
The strawberry variety is more common in New Zealand, while a lemon variety has been encountered in Australia.

The chocolate coating is a thin mixture, into which cubes of sponge cake (one cookbook states 4 cm per side) are dipped, and the chocolate is absorbed into the outermost layers of the sponge where it sets. (Similarly, the strawberry jam or chocolate icing is absorbed into the sponge.) The cubes are then covered with coconut and left to set."

Here is what I have to say:

Michael Pollan's rules about eating well

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