to breakfast - golden overnight oats

Bhakti Bircher aka
Turmeric cardamom quinoa flakes overnight oats, with pepitas, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, coconut, dates and coconut yogurt overnight oats

inspired by: Bali must-do Alchemy
recipe type: to breakfast
cuisine: dairyfree, glutenfree, plantbased

Cooking without recipe goes like:
In a bowl, add your quinoa flakes with water or a nut milk; 1/2 of oats for 1/2 cup of liquid ( depends on how much the grain soaks up the liquid)
Stir in turmeric powder, cardamom powder, pinch of cracked black pepper.
Add shredded coconut, date paste or maple syrup and seeds.
Place in fridge overnight.
In the morning, add the coconut yogurt layer.
Sprinkle some toasted pepitas on top if desired.  Or add a drizzle of nut butter or cashew creme. Close the lid. And of you go! 


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