to bake - Seaweed chilli salt chips

Seaweed chilli salt chips
recipe inspired by: On The Plate
recipe type: to snack, to serve on the side
cuisine: glutenfree, vegan, plantbased, 

what you need:
nori sheets
chilli salt or any flavored salt - like Sal De Ibiza

what to do:
Heat oven to 120 C. Separate a pack of nori seaweed sheets, brush each sheet with some water and fold them to make a triangles.
Continue to brush and fold each layer until they are a chip size.
- or fill a plate with water and let them get a little wet -
Once at the right size, add a few drops of water to the top and sprinkle with chilli sea salt or any flavored salt you have... I used the Sal De Ibiza ones!Bake in the oven for 15 – 20 minutes until crisp.