to make - sweet potato dumplings in a ginger miso broth

sweet potato dumpling broth

Sweet Potato "dumplings" in a miso ginger broth
recipe inspired by Amanda from @moonjuiceshop
recipe type: to soup, to lunch
cuisine: glutenfree, vegan, grainfree

what you need:
sweet potato  -  you can already prep as many as you want
light miso paste
pepper & salt

what to do:
Prick your sweet potato with a fork.
Roast them until soft at about 180C depending on your oven.
Carefully remove the skin. Add pepper and salt.
Dump your "sweet potato dumplings" into a little miso paste and ginger broth!
ps: even better the day after, when the sweet potato soaked in the ginger flavor.

Easy, nourishing, quick!