to hang out - pietro nolita

Did you see that jacket 'Pink As Fuck' that Giovanna wore at Fashion Week,
well now we know were it came from!!
Pietro Quaglia's new restaurant tagline says it all!

Check out Pietro Nolita if you are in NYC. Find it on Elisabeth Street... No numer required, you'll spot the pink facade from far away & will guide you

Why pink?
I decided to do it in all pink because pink is a great color. Real men wear pink! When you think about pink you think about something fun, fresh, sweet. Also coming from Italy, when you go to Portofino, Santa Margherita, and you see a lot of pink buildings and pastel colors. Pink was my favorite and so here it is! It's all pink!  says Pietro Quaglia.

And just go photobombing like crazy! 
Picture opportunities everywhere!!
It's so pretty in pink!

pics from The Coveteur