to make - miso soup


Take Away Miso Soup
recipe type: to lunch, to dinner, to take-away, glutenfree (when using Tamari instead of soy)
serves: one

what you need:

All kinds of cut-up veggies!
from celery, carrots, sugar peas, sprouts, beets,... anything goes... 
It's all depending on taste and what you are in the mood for

Shredded nori sheets or any type of seaweed like wakame or dulse.
Fresh ginger
Cilantro or Coriander
Miso paste - I like the lighter one
Tamari Sauce
Lime juice

You can also add in some Soba Noodles/  Buckwheat noodles / Courgettini -spiralized courgette / spiralized sweet potato / spiralized red beets...
As I said, anything goes!!

What to do:
Make your take away instant miso soup, fill up a jar with some veggies, think sugar peas, celery, carrot...
Some noodles or spiralized veggies...
Up next: some nori, lime juice, miso paste, ginger, lemongrass, cilantro.. 
When ready to eat pour hot water in jar and done!!