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to shop - cookbook cravings

to shop - cookbook cravings

Two places that I really want to go to one day, and one I just always make a detour for just published cookbooks.



One is Gjelina, an amazing seasonal restaurant and take-away in Venice Los Angeles.
I have been eyeing their food, those pizzas and toasts, since forever!!
So you can be sure that I am gonna get my hands on their cookbook!
I will finally be able to have some Gjelina at home, although I wouldn't mind traveling to L.A and have the food there!!


And on the other side of the Ocean, and a little bit lower... you'll find the amazing village of Tulum.
First of all, don't get me started on Tulum.... I must travel there, it will happen, it just has to! Even if iI have to squeeze myself into someones luggage, if that what it will take! ;-)

In Tulum there are a few places that have been an inspiration from afar!
Coqui Coqui, a gorgeous design boutique hotel which is decorated with impeccable taste.
And then there is Hartwood, a cool restaurant with an open kitchen, no walls,  incredibly pretty and cool, serving up some wonderful dishes.  And without ever tasting their food, you can already tell it must be a flavor packed explosion!

pic by http://jongesla.com/

And at last but definitely not the least.
The cookbook from Superette! Our Belgian chef extraordinaire and fermentation fan, Kobe Desramaults,  and Sarah Lemke, the best  -not belgian-  belgian baker in the country created a collection of all our Superette favorites and signature dishes.  The sourdough bread, the sourdough pizza's, the chocolate pastries, fermentation tips and tricks 

to do  - inflight meal travel tricks

to do - inflight meal travel tricks

to follow - the vista

to follow - the vista