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For me, wearing socks is the sign that winter has begun!

I try to keep that moment off for as long as I can, to hold on to summer that little bit longer!

As soon as I slip my feet into soft socks, I remember how incredibly cosy it is, and why I shouldn't be afraid of winter! 

As you might know, I have this thing with cashmere!
 - If I could I would wear a cashmere one-piece day and night! - 
Thanks to Escuyer socks, not only will my feet be warm, but they will be all cozy in cashmere!

by the way!!
I case you don't know what to get your boyfriend / dad / brother for Xmas...
this is it!!!  They have this super easy gift pack collection, or you can get them a sock subscription!
No more toes peeking though old socks! boys will be boys!

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