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to shop - nick ball's light boxes

to shop - nick ball's light boxes

nick bal-01

In my weird world of coincidences it just happened, as I was doing my research for this post 

( had the pictures, scrolled the website to find out more about the creative behind these objects,looked trough his instagram feed… where I didn't find a lot about him I have to say…)
I find myself at a party going where a friend posts a picture on instagram tagging him in the pic. I was like.. 'What? Wait, that guy is here??)
So I immediately went over and told him about my snooping around, and that I like his work, awkward...


I was the perfect occasion to find out a bit more...

So, his name, Nick Bal, a self made creative guy, studied engineering before getting his crafty side on.

What he does: he is part of the creative team that dresses the Urban Outfitters stores. Yup, all that cool furniture and pieces in the windows, it's all specially made for UO. Who knew! ( love discovering all these 'hidden' jobs! Never thought about it actually)

But he also makes these cool light boxes I have seen popping up everywhere.

At The Love Below a while ago, at the new Caffènation in Amsterdam, at LN Beanies pop up shop…

Simply cool!

These would just be perfect everywhere in my house actually!

check out Nick Bal's work here.

to shake - the weeknd / earned it

to shake - the weeknd / earned it

love - bakerhands

love - bakerhands