to smoothie - banana plum and fig ice-cream for breakfast

In the theme of dessert for breakfast...
This is an inspiration from My New Roots

banana plum and fig ice-cream
recipe type: to smoothie, to breakfast, to blend

what you need:
frozen banana
fresh figs( i used 2)
fresh plums ( i used 3), but you can freeze some for extra creaminess.
almond milk
vanilla essence
scoop of some protein powder
 cacao nibs to top it off

what to do
Blend the whole thins and finished with some slices of fresh figs and raw cacao nibs
You can also freeze you slices of plums and maybe add some avocado.extra creaminess! 

food fact
stock up your fridge with ripe, pre-diced banana's.
that way you can always make creamy smoothies or last minute nanaice cream for dessert or a snack!