to raw- blueghurt

recipe from the 30raw breakfast the app from Eleonore from Earthsprout blog
recipe type: to breakfast, to smoothie, to blend, to raw

to make:
1 banana
1/2 avocado
1 tbsp lemn juice
35gr mung beans
90 gr blueberries ( i definetely din't use enough... my bluegurth was that blue... the next attempt.. much blue-er ;-)  )
125ml water or nutmilk of choice ( rice coconut addiction)

What to do:
Squeeze up the fresh lemon juice, peel the banana, scoop out th avocado and addall the ingredients to a blender to make the Blueghurt. Top with a couple of berries, some superfoods, coconut flakes, or whatever floats your boat.