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to raw - indulgent creamy healthy chocolate dessert

to raw - indulgent creamy healthy chocolate dessert

Ok now seriously....

This is first of all, just to easy not to try...
I think I say this with most of my cookings, ....

My motto
minimum input, maximum delicious output!!!

The satisfaction from this... waaaaoooww!!

Fruit as dessert is never a good idea! It ferments on top of your dinner,... makes you feel bloated and you know the rest of the story... Takes away all the pleasure from having a dessert!

This one is made out of avocado.. fruit / veggie / confusing...
For me it counts as a veggie although its a fruit...
I'll stop writing now, because reading this takes longer than making this ;-)

raw chocolate pudding

Here goes:

indulgent creamy healthy chocolate dessert
recipe type: to snack, to dessert, to raw, to blend
serves 2 /3 

What you'll need:
2 ripe avocados (unpitted)
vanilla extract
honey / maple syrup
cacao powder (raw)
cacao nibs
some sea salt or seasalt flakes

for the exact measurement, I would say... go to your taste.. about 1 tbsp of vanilla / same with honey/ a dash of salt to bring the chocolate flavor out

What to do:
Put the avocado flesh, without the pit, in the blender. Blend some
Add the vanilla ,the cacao powder, some cacao nibs, honey, and some sea salt  and blend away!
After everything is well blended,  but not to much so you keep a bit of crunch from the cacao nibs, do the taste test and add what you need is necessary. Place the mixture in the fridge to serve it cool.
Top with some nibs , salt flakes...


lights by Michael Anastassiades

lights by Michael Anastassiades

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