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Cookbook - Oh She Glows

It all started when I stumbled upon the  Oh She Glows website

I think Angela Liddon is single handily responsible for the way I eat and think about food and nurishment today

It all started with her Green Monsters and Green monster challenge.
Blending spinach or greens with banana as a base and add whatever fruits you want...
I took my green monsters with me everywhere...
Walking around with some kind of green gooey in your hand instead of a starbucks was not a common sight as it is today...
I remember a warm summer day, going to my bikram class, geared with my favorite blend.. melon, spinach and banana,, I can tell I got some weird looks while walking around antwerp's south area.

After getting into her green monsters, I was on to the next... Ovenight oatmeal... what?!? Carrot cake smoothie?? Lentils? Beans?... I think this was 2010...   

- Besides all vegan meals, she also gives marathon and running tips, makes delicious vegan sweets and desserts, creates her signature 'Oh she glows' energy bars and trail mixes - 

Let's just say this was a complete revelation!

And the fact that she just really looked glowing and healthy got me sold on her delicious food and way of nurturing your body.

When I read she was publishing a cookbook, you can only imagine how exited I was!
So happy for her!!

So now, I am the proud owner of her cookbook! Trying to get all my friends hooked!

My whole cinco de Mayo dinner came straight out of this book, and the reviews were raving!!!  Sweet potato, black bean ,avocado and cilantro sauce enchiladas... yup! delicious!!!

So now I have to pay it forward, and it's my time to turn my friends into nutricous foods.

Fuel your body with the right food, its an amazing machine, it needs the right fuel!

every time you eat, is a chance to load up your body with vitamins, minerals and goodness

ps; I sincerely hope beyonce and jay-z used this book while doing their 21 day began challenge! Or they seriusly missed out!

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