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Beauty Routine

As I am approaching the big 3, I have never been the one with a very elaborate beauty routine, to much dislike of mother - although my bathroom is overflowing with jars and tubes, my beauty routine consisted of stepping into the shower, shampooing, shower gel and out... ( and when I think about it, pushing back my cuticles... something i love to do, hoping that my fingers will look longer)

one week giving that new Aesop facial cleanser a try
another week buzzing that much talked about clarisonic around... well.. that lasted for about a good month
then using some bumble and bumble shampoo and their surf spray, lusting for beachy locks
hoping for an overnight miracle with the weleda creams that Victoria Beckam uses, as she said in french Vogue, and my favorite instragram account Hannah Bronfman

anyway... the list goes on and on and I have tubes and jars to prove it!

But now I have decided! I really should stick to the same things for a while!

Coconut oil for the hair - that swimming pool chloor is a killer!
Creme Sorciere - my friend has been hooked on the stuff since forever, and her skin makes me jealous, and I'll admit.... I just have to have the same! ;-)
Bioderma - for the leftover mascara, because thats all the models gush about
Aesop oil - cause i just like it, and let's be honest the packaging looks good on my shelves!


So now that I have the base covered, 
I need to work the core and truly make a long lasting routine of these these miracle moves I came across on my favorite beauty website Into the Gloss.


I am not stepping aboard train 3 with any wrinkles!!
So Train 3, you'd better watch it!

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