to smoothie - kiwi ginger smoothie

Kiwi Banana Basil Smoothie
recipe by: My New Roots
recipe type: to smoothie, to breakfast

what you need:
1 ripe banana
2 kiwis
1dl oat milk
a handful of basil
2 ice cubes
some pieces of fresh ginger, for that extra zing!

Optional for extra boost:
1tsp baobab powder

How to do it?
Peel the banana, slice it and put into your food processor or other kitchen tool that you are going to use. Slice the kiwi but leave the skin on if you feel comfortable with that (I don't peel my kiwis - the skin just gives extra texture to this smoothie) and add to the banana. Add in also all other ingredients and blend until smooth. You can keep some basil leaves to decorate.