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To bake - chips! Kale! Brussel sprouts!

To bake - chips! Kale! Brussel sprouts!

' OOooowww Kale!!'

The salesguy at the saturday market looked at me like I was a mad person.

He had never seen someone so exited about Kale 

(aka Boerekool for the ones who are looking for it in Belgium)

The reason i love kale.... is like spinach but on steroids!!!

If you haven't been living under a rock you've seen thousand of smoothies, salads and other recipes using kale.

In Belgium it is still quite unknown, unappreciated and very difficult to find.

But change is on the way! 

I have seen it pop up this year in supermarkets under the label 'forgotton veggies'

Widely used in the Netherlands for their 'boerestomp' ,  in the US  they use is for eveything imaginable, and its time we do so as well!

Sooo to start...

this isn't something I would call 'baking'

because its that easy!!

With winter coming, more and more movie night ahead I wanted to give you a super easy and quick healthy alternative for chips!


Kale chips
recipe type: to snack, to serve on the side

What to do:
Shred your kale in pieces
Massage it a little with coconut oil  ( remember olive oil isn't good with high heat) and some of your favorite spices.
Himalayan salt, black pepper, turmeric aka curcuma, chili flakes, chipotle, marrocan spices, soy sauce, the possibilities are endless!!
Spread them on a baking sheet, don't overcrowd them
Pop it in the oven at 180 degrees C , for about 10 min.. 
but just check your oven so that they don't burn but stay crisp.

Take em out, and munch away!

Please note:
to consume without moderation
And in cause you cant get your hands on kale,
i know, waking up early on a saturday is not a given...

Brussels Sprouts chips
recipe type: to snack, to serve on the side

what to do:
get some brussels spouts , discard the bottom ad outer leaves.
continue to trim the bottom of the leaves fall off..
and then again cover in coconut oil and spices, roast in the oven, done!
and in case you dont like brussel sprouts,
you can do the same with cabbage,...

Sooo no excuse people! ;-)


Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning