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Cafe Le Pinson - Paris

A recipe from

Cafe Pinson

in Paris was featured right next to 2 other ones of my paris' obligatory stops

Bob's Kitchen


Tuck Shop

in Glamour magazine back in August.

So I knew It just had to be a great spot because it was in such great company.

Went straigh to my must try list


the recipe went straight on my fridge and on my lunch staple list

So I just had had had to try the rest!!!

Buckweat Pancakes / spring rolls spouts, mint, radish, zucchinni / madelaines with thyme or banana / chocolate chia pudding... / homemade granola with pistachios / spinach cononut water spiruline soup/...

 Haven't been able to try it all, ( I can eat a lot, but still... ;-) )

 but for the days that I'm in Belgium,

I have my recipes!!!!

And inspiration!!

To Eat

Cafe Pinson

6 rue du Forez - 3ieme


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Tune - Dream Koala with Odessey

Before sunday's over...