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Cafe Camino - Antwerp

Cafe Camino - Antwerp

The owner of Cafe Camino and me share the best ' this is how we met story'!

Awesome story short , it was at a N.E.R.D concert while we were shaking onstage and backstage

 with Pharrell

( jealous much?... I sure hope so)

So one of my weird principles is....

If we have an admiration for Pharrell in common, I am pretty sure that I would love all the rest of that person's interest!!

And what was Lien and her husband's other passion...

noodles , rice bowls, pulled pork, kimchie, and one day making a reservation at Momofuku's noodle bar or the Ssam bar, or Ma Peche or anything David Chang.

So they turned their passion into a reality, Cafe Camino, and do I share their interest!!!

If there is anything that can replace the subject of my dreams, aka Pharrell, it's their sandwiches!!

So deliciously dreamy!!

So if you, just like me, love N.E.R.D, trust me you will love my other love...

Cafe Camino


( my theory is called love by association ;-) )

For noodles, pho,lemongrass tofu , chicken and kimchie, asian pear, sparkling tea with ginger

To eat
Cafe Camino
Vrijdagsmarkt 5
2000 Antwerp


to shake - Apparat - Goodbye

to shake - Apparat - Goodbye