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Hi I am a .... My New Roots Newtella addict

Last year around this time, I read something very exiting on one of my favorite blogs ever;

My New Roots.

She was giving another cooking class in Amsterdam!

So of we went!

I don't know what it is with winter time, but I crave nut butter ALL. THE. TIME!!

There is something about it! The nutty flavor, the texture, eating a healthier version of my childhood staple - really, I ate the stuff non stop with a spoon, finishing jar after jar! totally addictive I have now realized! what do you expect, they specialize in finding the right sugar-salt balance to keep us hooked! And I was their top consumer  - 

Now, knowing the importance of nutrition, trying to avoid all the processed crap, and making what I can myself...

 I eat hazelnut, almond,... butter that only want the best for me!

- not what is best for the compagnies tching tching - 

Think healthy fats, vitamins, protein,... all natural

And last year I learned by Sarah firsthand how to make that addictive nutella the healthy way!

Roast -or roast them not  higher that 42degrees - your nuts of choice
Grind them in your foodprocessor
add some cocao powder and some coconut sugar 

Its THAT easy!

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