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to read - It's All good! No really!

I have been cooking my way though Gwyneth Paltrow's It's All Good cooking book.

I'll spare you my attempts at taking good food pictures, so I'll just post some of her pics! Which are gorgeous!!

Before it even came out there was already so much to do around her book, her health advice and het eating habits...

Anyway, I could be bothered, I like het website


! I've tried and tested, to great success, some of her recipe's!

Got my brother hooked on her detox teriyaki chicken without him even noticing it!

( Muhahahaaa, yup, that delicious chicken is actually doing you good)

And learned a lot of new food stuff thanks to her!

So when her new cookbook came out I just had to have it!

Now she got me making my own pickled jalapeños, discovering kimchi and 'brewing' some, realizing the health benefits of fermented foods,completely hooked me on miso paste! ( I now miso paste everything!) , spike my veganaise with chili flakes , and she uses chimichurri!!!

What ever people were writing and giving her bad press about this book,

I love it!!

Learned so many great new flavors and foods!

Pick it up! And give it a try!!

Or come over for diner! You'll probably get one of het dishes in your plate!

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Steph!! I wanna read about your new Donna Hay obsession!!

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