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One fine day - Paris

One fine day in Paris...

on the program:
Le Bon Marche sales with a power breakfast from the new Rose Bakery
Candelaria tacos, pimm's and margaritas after some heavy -to buy or not to buy- debating
The Broken Arm, the new concept store for some sweets, coffee and fashion!
And more importantly Sooishi granola! ( after drooling over the instagram pics, finally been aable to taste test it! expensive much but delicious!)
A quick stop at Le Marche des Enfants Rouge! For the best buckwheat pancakes!
A sales bonanza at Merci followed by some revitalizing homemade Merci lemonade
( By the way! their online shopping site finally opened)
Some culture at Gallery Perrotin and taking in some art by James Turrell.
Followed by early bird drinks ( it must have been 5 o'clock somewhere) and food at Le Mary Celeste ( previous post)

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