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to bake - pop tarts

Birthdays are always the best excuse to bake something!
So this time....
Ever since I've seen the video of
Black Jet Baking Co. in San Fransisco for the Next Big Small  Brand competition, the only thing I was thinking about was baking these!!!
And booooyyy was it worth all those nights dreaming about them!
Amazing crust, hot drooling jam, nutella, banana, raspberries,... are you catching on?
Even made a shot at gluten free baking... 
Just replaced the all purpose with gluten free flower, and you woundn't even notice the difference... Even better I must say! ( or is that just me believing gluten free is healthier that whole grain? Therefore harmless when eating plenty!! = better! )

Get your favorite bread spread, peanut butter and jelly, jelly, banana's, nutella, honey, whatever ( check out what black jet baking uses.... nutella with salty hazelnuts ,Jalapeño Cream Cheese, brown sugar,...)

scoop it onto the dough, 
pop it into the oven....
recipe for a basic crust....
I'm sure it would work wonders for a lemon pie!

Recipe for the pop tarts!
To make gluten free... just substitute the flower

The making of...at 7:30 in the morning...
talk about motivation!!!
Before the shower...

Stepping out of the shower my apartment was filled with a lovely raspberry smell!!

My favorite hottie!!

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