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to make - Banana and Coconut Jam

Another reason why  I was missing in action the last few weeks, was this!

 I was just to busy eating these!!

Banana  Jam
what you need:
500gr ripe banana's
500 gr sugar
2  vanilla sticks
2 cinnamon sticks

what to do:
Cook the sugar untill it turn brown
( be carefull not to burn yourself or the cooking pots)
add the mashed bananas ripe bananas and all the rest of the ingredients
cook everything on a low fire untill the mixture is smooth.

Coconut Jam
what you need:
500 gr grated coconut - buy fresh or dessecated
500gr of dark muscovado sugar, or any type of dark sugar
2 vanilla sticks

what to do:
mix all the ingredients and let it all cook untill the mixture is smooth.

Make it! 

I can't even describe how good it is!!!

Where is my phone?