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The bagel hunt continues

I think all my friends are going to be dragged into my bagel hunt expedition!
After Ilse Pilse at Barnini, Pupuce Rosseel Wirtz and Cedric at Bob's Kitchen , several times already actually ( post is coming) , then Coffee Parisien, 
I knew where I had to go next,
The ultimate Jewish baker in Antwerp, Kleinblatt!
( where else, the bagels originated from the Jewish community)

So I dragged another friend and sweet tooth along, Ruddie Fruddi from The Merrymakers!
First time around.... bagels.... sold out
Second time around.... bagels.... sold out

Third time... a charm?

Who's in for my next expedition?
Got room for six in the Babsie Burgers Camper!!
Apply here....

TO SHOP: bagels at Kleinblatt
Provinciestraat 206
2000 Antwerp!

Boulangerie Le Zoute
Zoutelaan 75
8300 Knokke

And no longer feel bagel homesick while you are summering at the Belgian Coast
Kleinblatt delivers them fresh every morning ( On demand!! Wanna know how I know? Because as soon as I spotted Kleinblatt on the shop window I did a little parking brake slip in front, jumped out, jumped up and down at the counter, asked and got that answer)

ps: save that adress pic on your smatphone... so you will always have the adress card with you for your bagel cravings!

Love the outfit - Tiany Kiriloff

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