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The bagels addiction continues.... Barnini

When my friend Marie - France posted a picture of a bagel on het twitter...

I just could' stop thinking about it!!

So of course, you all know me..., I had to go there ASAP!!!

And boy, it was deeeelicious!! I had an eggplant tapenade / chicken / rucola bagel
My friend, sorry for dragging you along in my crazy obsessions had the chicken guacamole one!
Both fingerlickingly gooood!!!

And then, i just had to ask,
my ultimate bagel... 
Cream cheese , jelly and an egg sunny side up,
can you make it?

And then they said something that was like music in my ears...
 ' We can make anything you want!'

Hope they won't regret saying that, 'cause now I will be there day and night!!!
Thank god they are opening 7/7!!!

Biked passed the Barnini on my way to Antwerp yoga all the time, if i knew then what i know now... would never have made it to yoga class!!

To Eat: Barnini
Oudevaartplaats Antwerp

And the bagel excursion continues...
today's one Bob's Kitchen in Paris!
You will hear about that sooooon enough!!

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