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to bake - cycling power bar

Forget those gels and processed power bars when you can make these delicious homemade crap free healthy energy bars!

When my brother got exited over this recipe and asked me to make it, I was totally in!!

Any chance I get to make home made versions of junk food I'm in!!

(Remember the oreo's? Burgers?)

Especially when I can turn my brother to the dark side of healthy foods..


He also always get super exited when his online shopping boxes arrive and wants to show of his new


cycling stuff.

At first I just looked and acted interested, ( being the nice person that i am...)

but I have to admit, those jackets are amazingly gorgeous and ingenious!

( not al all what I imagined when i think of cycling gear!)

I want!!

You'll want it toooo!

( with or without a bike!

Remember that episode where Joey in Friends pretended to have a Porsche...

maybe I can pretend to have a bike to I can strut around in my Rapha gear)

Bread and Marmelade

sunday morning