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Since i've received this book fron my oooh so sweet ' Martha Stewart on Louboutins' boss I have been cooking all my meals from this book!

Everything looks deeeeelicious!!
Even baked bread!!
Looked to easy and to delicious not to give it a try!

Think: Poached plums with Oatmeal
sourdough bread with goat yogurt and grilled tomatoes
Mushrooms on toast
French toast with greek yogurt warm blueberries and blackberries

You know what.... just go and shop it!!

Ever since Chantal from Step by Step ( Antwerp, Lombardenvest) showed us this book, I just can't stop thinking about it!
I was already sold at looking at the cover and that blue trimming around the pages!

ooooh can't stop thinking about how this book would look good in my interior!
but can stop thinking about how this book wouldn't make my interior look good...

Thanks Chantal!
And no thanks... Maybe I should distract my mind with that Woolrich hat!

I think Marc Grossman, without even knowing him, is starting to become one of my favorite persons!
With his Bob's Juice Bar in Paris ( read our Paris Lunch spot blogpost)
then Bob's Kitchen,his previous books, one all about bagels 
( looooove a good bagel with cream cheese, jam, and an egg sunny side up - i know sound weird - tastes awesome!!), and one all about muffins,
I think he just wrote the best book ever about the best subject ever!
New York desserts!!
Carrot Cake, Cheese Cake, PanCake, Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, basically all the best things ending with - cake and -pie.
All American New York recipes for a wanna be New York girl.

Before the movie, read the book!
Don't panic, it's a tiny one with 213 pages...

How can they make a hour and a half movie out of such a small book you wonder?
Well I could fill a movie with shooting Johnny Depp from every angle!

Great read, great writer, will be a great movie!

From Season to Season by Sophie Dahl
Living in Brussels by Muriel Verbist and Diane Hendrickx
Un gouter a New York by Marc Grossman
Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson

'Smokin'! 'Smeaches

Black + Burgundy