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BEAT IT! Locals Only!

Accidentally bumped into the universe of the California skate, one afternoon in 1975, and devote the next three years to photograph in the time of the birth of the sport
From Venice Beach and Los Angeles to the San Fernando Valley, Hugh Holland is fascinated by the grace and athleticism of skaters and ‘locals’ that he captures along the beaches or canyons, settings that have given rise to legends such as Dogtown and Z-boys. Published by Ammo, ‘Locals Only’ is an exciting book. His photographs mightl be exhibited at M + B gallery’s booth at Paris Photo from 10 till 13 November ( if you don't see them and the walls, make sure to ask them! They will bring the prints along)

This book won't help my Lords of Dogtown / Z-boys / Jay / Zephys Shop obsession at all!
Must Have!!

”It spread like wildfire all over Southern California. I know it happened in other parts of the world too, but California felt like the center of it all.” – Hugh Holland

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