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I, I Follow.....

 ... well actually Nike and Tom Tom do!!

You know I love my gadgets!
and you know that when we are into a sport we need to have the whole shebang!!

When I first started running, I have to admit, it wasn't to improve anything, it was just so that I had an excuse to buy Nike sneakers, an I pod, and the Nike+ System all at once!
( was totally intrigued by that white little sensor!)

I know, i know, it isn't supposed to be like that, but hey, anything that will get you to start running right?!
The whole Nike+ system got me hooked, creating a little girl as my profile, mapping my routes, checking my improvements, setting up goals, having Serena Williams as my coach,... and before I knew it, I was hooked!

Running almost every day... me!!
Who knew!

So when my love for gadgets and sport collide...
this is what happens,

Nike took it to the next level!
A mash up between Nike and Tom Tom to create 
the GPS Sportwatch!!

So now you have a watch that allows you to time your laps, makes your running data even more precise, motivational messages pop up on the screen, running reminders ( makes me want to wait 5 days just to get a kick under my butt!... not the motivation thay have in mind probably...)
you have a GPS that tracks your routes and follows you everywhere!!

Will you follow me?

Join the Nike+ community, log in, track your data, and we are OFF!

TO DO: visit  Nike + and Tom Tom

In a POPSICLES state of mind!!!