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To the M.A.C Counter

You know when something happens that is connected to something else...
Had the impression my week was filled with M.A.C cosmetics conversations...

Ordering stuff with one friend,
The 'Finding the perfect lipstick talk' with another friend,
Loving the fluo pink eyeshadow used on models at the KASK fashion show
To me being very intrigued by that little blue eye liner on yet another friend, that lead us all to take out our make-up/ beauty essential kit!
Trying on everything in there!

And we were unanimous,
we need to experiment more!!!

These pics are a good start!!
And we've already got that yellow nailpolish! Mimoooosa!! hihi!

To Do: Go crazy at M.A.C!
Summer's here! Make sure your make-up bag feels it to!

quote of the day...

Waiting for this