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Perfect Timing

Talking about perfect timing...

The ones who know me, know that I am THE (yes steph, this deserves caps lock!) worst clock reader ever!

But one way or another that doesn't apply when it comes to reading time on a Swatch!
First, I think it has something to do with Flik and Flak looking over my schoulder!
 (My go-to guys when it comes to reading time! Thinking about them still does the trick for me! Shamefully...)
And then there is also something about the hands on Swatches that always make them easy to read! Clean Simple and in this case,they have a gorgeous pink background!

Reading time, and therefore being on time,.....  Piece of cake!
(Which I love and  all people around me will can only applaud!)

Talking about cake.... ( talking, thinking, baking...)
Got my New Gent watch from Swatch just in time! It was the perfect inspiration for my 'going away last day at work'- cake!

" Synchronise Swatches!!"

It's LPP baking time!!!
08:46...to soon?

Quote from one of my favorite childhood morning programs
Parker Lewis!

Once you pop....

Sunday morning song...