Vans Opening Antwerp

There is something about Vans....

So when the lovely girls of Oona invited us to the shop opening of the new 
Antwerp Vans store, we went to check it out!!!

And all the great things and feelings about those shoes I have for a while, did definily got confirmed!

cause they make me think about...

(everything I like)

To not even talk about those shoe soles...

oh lala they make me lusting after waffles!

We went for a pair of classic ones, in black and navy blue.

And yes, I guess once you're hooked on Vans you can not resist to 
create a whole collection of them!
We already got the A.P.C ones too...
And even a pair of sunglasses!

Wanna get yours?

go to the new Antwerp shop in the Kammenstraat
or online on